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Your unit has been highly upgraded with various finishes.  Below are some recommendations for the periodic maintenance of your unit.  It can all be summarized by simply stating:  Don't use any harsh or abrasive chemicals, cleaners or sponges anywhere in the apartment.

Brazilian Granite Counter Tops and Splash - Imported from Brazil
It is very important that these surfaces be properly maintained.  DO NOT USE AMMONIA or CITRUS BASED CLEANERS - they will damage the surface. Pledge works great for polishing the granite and keeping it shiny.  Granite is a natural stone and is therefore porous.  If you spill something, it should be wiped up.  If it's red wine or other dark liquid, you want to immediately wipe it up or it will stain the granite. Please do not use the counter top as a cutting board.  You will scratch the counter top and dull your knives.   Because granite is a stone, it is brittle.   It can chip and it can break.  Please take care not to pound on it or bang heavy pots and pans into it.  Last but not least, please do not set hot pans from the stove or oven on it.  That has the potential of heating moisture in the granite pores, causing it to expand and crack.  With a little care, these counter tops can last for centuries.

Maintenance includes vacuuming and periodic cleaning.  I am constantly bewildered by seeing tenants iron their cloths on the nylon carpet which melts under the heat.  Please use an ironing board and keep the hot irons off the carpet.


Your dishwasher is equipped with a "Delay Start" feature.  If you delay the start to a time when you are sleeping or at work, the unit will automatically clean your dishes while you're away or asleep.  The quiet dishwasher will disturb you less and operate at time when there is less demand on the hotwater.  If you fill the "Rinse Aid" compartment with a rinse aid commercially available at the grocery store (Cascade Crystal Clear or similar) your dishes will be near spot free.

Do not use products like Drano in the sinks, tubs, showers or toilet.  Their harsh chemicals can cause damage to the trims and pipes.  A little common sense here.  The garbage disposal was not designed to accept a whole lot of food, bones etc.  Put all of your food waste where it belongs - in the garbage.  Rinse your dishes in the sink before putting them into the dishwasher and run the garbage disposal unit for 15-30 seconds with the water running.  The rind from a lemon or an orange ground up in the garbage disposal is great for odors that may be emanating from the sink.  If you experience slow drains or drain stoppage, please contact property manager (see Property Manager in the "Info & Resources" tab).


The kitchens and bathrooms are equipped with GFI Plugs.  IF you ever have to reset them by pushing the reset button on the outlet, please make a note of the appliance(s) being operated when the outlet tripped.

Laundry Room
The high capacity machines are coin operated.  The washer uses less soap than a regular washer.  Please read the instructions posted in the laundry room.  For your convenience, there is a cabinet located in the laundry room that can be utilized for the storage of your laundry soap etc.  You may want to put a small amount of your laundry soap etc. in a tupperware type container and store the bulk of it in your unit or garage storage bin.

Microwave Oven

It's easily cleaned right after cooking by wiping the interior with a water dampened paper towel.  It's easier now than after the splattered food dries.

Showers and Tubs
Your tub is coated with a shiny white porcelain.  This surface can be scratched or dulled.  Please use just mild soap and water or other non abrasive cleaner on the tub and tile.  The glass enclosures should be cleaned periodically with a glass cleaner to get rid of the water spots.  Glass cleaners are usually ammonia based.  Do not use them on the granite.

Smoke Detectors

Your apartment is equipped with 3 smoke detectors.  The bedroom smoke detectors are battery operated.  Please check them on a monthly basis by pushing the “test” button.  The alarm should sound within a few seconds.  If you here an intermittent chirp from the smoke detector, please change the 9 volt battery.  If you require assistance, please contact the property manager (see Property Manager in the "Info & Resources" tab).

Stainless Steel Sink and Appliances

While the finish looks great and is durable, it scratches easily.  A non abrasive sponge or cloth with a little warm water and dish soap is all you need to clean the stainless steel.  In addition, you can get at any grocery or hardware store a polish specifically made for stainless steel.  It works and maintains the luster of the steel.

Stove Hood or Exhaust Fan

All of the Microwave Ovens include a built in exhaust fan designed to filter and exhaust heat, steam and airborne grease and particulates.  These microwave ovens have a stainless steel filter located on the bottom of the microwave oven.  Grab the ring attached to the filter and push it to the right.  The rectangular filter  will then come out and can be cleaned in the sink or dishwasher.  Clean it every few months and replace it by simply reversing the process.

The paint on the walls are either a Satin or Semi Gloss finish. Both can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

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